Total Exclusivity

All our items are unique and designed by our talented creator

100% Handmade

Handknitted products is our speciality coming from unique ideas

Made in Switzerland

The quality is our priority. Produced in Geneva
exclusive hand knitted wear


Knittern is a family business born in Geneva, Switzerland in 2016. The idea of starting Knittern came out of the dream to create comfortable, colorful and at the same time stylish knit wear.

Staying true to this dream, all our products are 100% handmade and uniquely developed by our very talented designer who loves knitting like the mother likes her child. We are sure by choosing Knittern knits you will make your look gorgeous and unforgettable.

By knitting 24/7  we ensure you can own amazing stile with our oversized knitted chunky products all seasons.

We believe handmade creations have a touch of magic in them as they are rooted in tradition, and no two are ever truly identical. Knittern ensures reliable timeless pieces heart-made by high quality yarns, unique statement designs and the most fashionable colors.

We offer a “made to order” service as all of our brand’s products are 100% made by hands. Hand-knitting is a slow process compared to machine knitting, so we usually need few days to complete one knitted piece. We always do our best to minimize the wait as much as possible.

However, completion dates are based on order volume and will fluctuate depending on the number of orders coming in. Hard working and adoring what we do helped us to expand Knittern to a highly-coveted, valuable, fashion-blogger approved designer brand.

Thanks you for your love and support. We are proud and glad to keep you warm and stylish wherever you live.